Project Management for Restaurants & Developers

Opening a food and beverage operation requires the finesse of an experienced project manager; any delays can quickly turn costly. Many team members will share multiple responsibilities but usually lack a dedicated project manager to keep an opening on track.

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Project Management for All Stages of Restaurant Development

AllDay Industry will act as your representative, offering support and advice on all developmental and pre-opening items. As your opening draws near, we can match you with the right vendors, staffing agencies, and PR team to make sure your first day is a success.

Perfect For:

  • First-time restaurateurs
  • Chefs with a brilliant food concept who need help getting started
  • Restaurant groups diversifying their portfolios with new concepts
  • Restaurant groups bringing existing concepts or models to New York City
  • Hotel developers or hotel management companies looking for curated F&B options


  • You’ve identified a space and are in lease negotiations

Restaurant Project Management

As experts in opening restaurants, we understand the critical tasks that will help ensure a timely opening. We will serve as your project manager and organize your pre-opening vendor team to facilitate a smooth opening that is completed on time and within budget. AllDay will facilitate conversation between your vendors, one of the largest causes of delays.

Services Include:

  • Creation and continual oversight of a timeline detailing all action items leading up to an opening.
  • Advice on budgetary allocations across all pre-opening expenditures.
  • Streamlined facilitation of communication between ownership and all project participants.

Pre-Opening Consulting and AllDay’s Restaurant Rolodex

AllDay will serve as your trusted industry advisor and provide the guidance to select the best resources for your project, leveraging our expansive Restaurant Rolodex. Our Restaurant Rolodex will connect you to our network of top professionals serving the New York City hospitality industry. AllDay will help you navigate the often confusing and rarely transparent offerings of hospitality vendors.

  • Introductions to pre-opening vendors and consultants, including architects, engineers, expediters, designers, general contractors, insurance agents, accountants, branding & PR firms, technology platforms and more.
  • Due diligence and transparency in vendor costs.

Culinary Development

AllDay will find the right opening consulting chef or long-term executive chef for your concept. Your opening executive chef will not only create your menu but will also develop the day-to-day processes of your restaurant including food cost analysis and ingredient ordering, BOH labor structure, and kitchen management processes. Our kitchen design and equipment sourcing experts will build out your kitchen to your specifications with your menu in mind.

Services Include:

  • Sourcing of executive or consulting chef from AllDay’s extensive network.
  • Feasibility analysis of cooking methods and equipment, menu, development, recipe creation, and costing projections for the proposed concept in tandem with hired chef.
  • Creation of BOH labor structure and budgeting based on proposed concept.
  • Equipment sourcing including vendor selection, kitchen layout, and design.

Staffing and Training

Hospitality is based on the interaction of your staff and guests so it is paramount to hire the proper staff for your establishment. AllDay will develop your recruitment strategy and connect you with local recruiting firms to have your employees ready on day one. Additionally, AllDay can train your managers and staff to ensure the best experience for your customers while developing the careers of your team.

Services Include:

  • Advice on management hierarchy and organizational charts for F&B operations in both FOH and BOH.
  • Engagement of a recruitment service or HR agency to satisfy staffing needs.
  • Management and FOH/BOH training.

Brand Identity Consulting and PR Strategy

Our team can help connect you to some of the best creative talent in the hospitality industry. Brand aesthetics convey the value, quality, and mission of your establishment. Your visual identity goes beyond a logo—it informs the aesthetics of your restaurant including décor, menu styles, and even the finishing of your equipment.

Once your restaurant is nearing completion, we can help you engage Public Relations and Marketing firms to make sure you have press coverage and customers visiting on day one.

Services Include:

  • Sourcing of a brand consultant from AllDay’s expansive network of professionals..
  • Guidance on strategic branding and design elements including design, logos, color palettes, and language.
  • Engagement of a public relations and marketing firm to represent your project.
  • Coordinate the execution of pre-opening PR and marketing with contracted agencies.

Legal Counsel and Licensing

Opening a restaurant is difficult, especially with the regulatory environment in New York. Our sister legal practice, Helbraun & Levey, can advise you on the numerous legal challenges that restaurants face.

Services Include:

  • Partnership agreements and ownership structure.
  • Leases and contracts.
  • Liquor license, sidewalk café permits, public assembly and temporary event permits, cabaret licenses, and health permits.
  • Employee handbooks and policies.

Projects we've done Hospitality Project Management for:

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