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In an ever-changing market, restaurants need to continuously monitor cost, service, and brand experience.

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AllDay Industry has the expertise and the best set of hospitality professionals to evaluate your restaurant’s business. From examining wasted vendor spends, running food costs analysis, to identifying service issues, we can examine every aspect of your business and provide you the critical recommendations to position your restaurant for long term-success or a potential sale.

Perfect For:

  • Restaurants that have been open for more than 6 months.
  • Organizations that are looking for an exit strategy, potential sale, or expansion.
  • Restaurants that are not meeting their financial or brand goals.
  • Restaurant owners looking to continuously improve their establishment.
  • Hotel developers or management companies looking to refresh F&B offerings.


  • 6 months post- opening or during early exit strategy planning.

AllDay will analyze your restaurant and provide you with a thorough examination of your business. Our service goes past simply being a “mystery shopper.” Instead, we can take a deep dive into the day-to-day functions of your establishment. Our team can provide cost comparison for your vendors, including soft goods and linen services while also examining menu and beverage programs to determine lost financial opportunities. Finally, we can leverage our sister law firm, Helbraun & Levey, to provide a due diligence assessment of your legal structure if you are interested in expanding or selling your restaurant. We will provide a written report outlining your areas of improvement and potential cost savings.

Services Include:

  • Multiple site visits from AllDay’s wide range of experts to examine your restaurant.
  • Interviews with current customers.
  • Report detailing how your restaurant is currently performing and areas of improvement.
  • Recommendations for long term success.
  • Access to our Restaurant Rolodex, our network of top professionals serving the New York City hospitality industry who can implement our recommendations.

Areas of Assessment:

  • Vendor Partner Costs
  • Staff Training, Human Resource Policies, and Payroll
  • Menu and Beverage Program Evaluation
  • Health and Food Safety
  • Legal and Financial Structure
  • Customer Service
  • Front of House and Back of House structure

Projects we've done Profit Enhancement for:

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