Bar And Restaurant Concept Development

AllDay takes your idea and develops it into a clear and cohesive brand and concept. Our team of food and beverage experts will cultivate your vision and develop a brand that encompasses your goals. From fast-casual concepts to Michelin-starred operations, AllDay can assist you in creating a brand that reflects the ethos of your business.

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Taking Your Idea from Concept to Reality

AllDay Industry will provide guidance, support, and advice on all concept development and related due diligence. Our team will run the numbers to make sure your concept is set up for success from day one. If you have an existing concept, Allday can also adapt and refine your concept, brand image, programming, and positioning to make the greatest impact.

Perfect For:

  • First-time restaurateurs
  • Chefs with a brilliant food concept who need help getting started
  • Restaurant groups looking to diversify their portfolios with new concepts
  • Restaurant groups bringing existing concepts or models to New York City
  • Hotel developers or hotel management companies looking for curated F&B options


  • Ideation and conceptualization stage
  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Real estate market feasibility assessment

Concept Feasibility and Financial Projections

Our experts will sit down with your team and provide the due diligence of your restaurant concept with regards to marketplace trends, competitor analysis, and real estate factors. Most importantly, our team will produce a set of financial projections based on a thorough assessment of the proposed concept. We can quantify the impact of each aspect of your restaurant on your bottom line and ROI. We can help you prepare proof of concept materials to demonstrate profitably and to secure funding from investors. These projections will serve as a roadmap for future decisions as the model can be updated at each stage of your buildout. Having a strong financial understanding of your business gives you leverage in negotiating with your landlord and vendors.

Services Include:

  • Financial projection for your proposed concept based on market statistics regarding rent, vendor costs, operating budget, local trends, and competitor analysis.
  • Insight and guidance on real estate opportunities that are conducive to the launch of your concept in New York City.
  • Proof of concept materials for investment meetings.

Culinary Ideation and Directional Menu

This aspect of the concept development scope of work identifies and highlights the types of items that will be paramount to the core of the concept, and provides a directional roadmap towards further development of the food concept by a professional Chef.

Services Include:

  • Discussion of preliminary food concept goals.
  • Assessment of financial feasibility of food concept.
  • Development of a directional menu for presentation purposes.

Legal Counsel and Licensing

Opening a restaurant is difficult, especially with the regulatory environment in New York. Our sister legal practice, Helbraun & Levey, can advise you on the numerous legal challenges that restaurants face.

Services Include:

  • Partnership agreements and ownership structure.
  • Leases and contracts.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Liquor license, sidewalk café permits, public assembly and temporary event permits, cabaret licenses, and health permits.

Real Estate

Finding the right space to house your restaurant in New York is a difficult and time-consuming affair. We can connect you with one of our trusted a hospitality real estate brokers to help you find a location that is perfect for your concept and negotiate with your future landlord.

Services Include:

  • Introduction to AllDay’s trusted real estate brokers.
  • Lease review and negotiation counsel through Helbraun & Levey.
  • Market feasibility research and NYC real estate guidance.

Brand Identity Consulting

The final piece of your concept puzzle is your brand strategy and visual identity. Brand aesthetics convey the value, quality, and mission of your concept. Your visual identity goes beyond a logo—it informs the aesthetics of your restaurant including floorplan, décor, menu styles, and even the finishing of your equipment.

Services Include:

  • Guidance on strategic branding and design elements including layout, design, logos, color palettes, and language.
  • Development of a mood board to visually present the intended look, feel and layout, including mockups of interiors, menus, and finishings.


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